Ball Drop At Times Square: DON'T DO IT!

Date: Jan 13, 2019

New York City is awesome! It's got an amazing nightlife, mesmerizing views of the skyline and great food. There's tons of stuff to do in the city. I loved roaming around Manhattan, strolling in the Empire State building, watching the indescribable, wacky Blue Man Group show and bunch of other stuff. Times Square is quite something to experience around midnight. Would recommend doing it.

A friend of mine dragged me along to watch the ball drop at Times Square on New Years eve. It was horrible. We stood in a long queue for hours wearing a poncho to shelter us from the rain. It was freezing, raining and ridiculously overcrowded. I hated it all. In a twisted sense, it gives me some confidence. If I could tolerate soaking boots, freezing weather in complete boredom, all for a stupid celebration, I could definitely do great things if I'm motivated for the right reasons.

On a closing note, don't do it! Do not go for a public viewing of the ball drop. It was a miserable experience for me. Completely useless. It's amazing to see how many people participate in the delusion. Everyone over there wanted to believe it was some special, life-changing experience because the media says so. Go party with friends, travel to a different country or spend time with family instead!