Hilarious Games in the Tamil Movie Gentleman (1993)

Date: Oct 13, 2018

The double entendres and sexual innuendos in the Tamil Movie Gentleman have achieved a cult fan following over the years. The comedy sequences involving Goundamani and Senthil are legendary to this day. Don't really know why, I started laughing out of the blue thinking about "Dikkilona". I figured I should rewatch those comedy scenes and list all the games mentioned in the movie. Finally a useful post in my blog :P

Name பெயர் Notes
Dikkilona டிக்கிலோனா Walk backwards in hunched over fashion chanting “dikkilona” until you make contact
Jala-bula-junks ஜல-புல-ஜன்க்ஸ் தோத்துட்டா முறுக்கு மீசை
Sappling சப்ப்ளிங் Grapes on a stick, 2 people suck the fruits from either end
Spoonling ஸ்பூனலிங் Lemon on a spoon held in the mouth by one person, the other needs to remove it with another spoon in their mouth
Couplings கப்ளிங் Tight hold from behind, break free from it
Dil-kush தில் குஷ்  
Dil-pasandh தில் பசந்த்  
Kunni paapu குன்னி பாப்பா  
Kun-jun-jungu குன்-ஜுன்-ஜுங்கு  
Maarsilona மார்சிலோனா  
Marvelin Throw மார்வெலின் த்ரோ  

If this brings back memories, watch it again :)